Gloria Gebbia – President


Dear Friends,

As president of the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies, I feel especially honored to acknowledge the incredible progress being made at the John Wayne Cancer Institute in the search for a cure for breast and prostate cancer. Since 1990, the ABC’s have raised over $15,000,000 for breast and prostate cancer research. Recent advances have shown a strong possibility that cancer could be controlled, if not cured, in the very early part of this century.

We are determined as a group to be part of these extraordinary breakthroughs in research at the John Wayne Cancer Research Center. Each of us is a part of this great community that unites in a common goal to improve the lives of people with cancer. This horrible disease has touched us all, whether personally or through family and friends.

I am deeply proud to be part of this incredible group. Thank you all for your ongoing dedication to our organization. Indeed, a cure for cancer is within our sights and together we will find it. Together we will make a difference.

‘Remember, we have all been given two hands, one to help ourselves and one to help others.’

Sentinel Node Biopsy

The John Wayne Cancer Institute pioneered an innovative technique called Sentinel Node Biopsy.

Positive Appearance Center

The Positive Appearance Center comfort needs related to their disease.

Prostate Research

Detecting prostate cancer at the earliest stages with research in molecular oncology.

Chemo Resistance Research

This leads to the ability to scramble the defective gene and make them drug-sensitive.

Moving Towards Hope

Molecular oncology, glyeo-immuno therapy, and experimental therapeutics.

Breast Cancer Research

Detecting breast cancer at the earliest stages with research in molecular oncology.

Our Mission:

To achieve prevention and a cure for breast and prostate cancer in our lifetime by providing funding for clinical innovation and research through our partnership with the John Wayne Cancer Institute. Through our partnerships and initiatives we hope to raise awareness about measures through education about promoting good breast and prostate health.


About the ABCs and its Community

The ABCs officially established in 1990, was born out of a group of dedicated philanthropists who had originally been associated with the Eddie Cantor Charitable Foundation, which supported a variety of charities. This group evolved into the ABCs in order to devote all its resources to eradicating breast and prostate cancer; diseases that, unfortunately, impact everyone. Today, the ABCs organization is comprised of close to 200 men and women who reside mainly in the Los Angeles Westside area. Many are highly successful professionals in a variety of fields, including the entertainment industry.

Our Partnership with the John Wayne Cancer Institute

The ABCs has a long and fruitful partnership with the John Wayne Cancer institute. Over the years raising over 15 million dollars to support the institutes research in advancing the treatment and detection of both breast and prostate cancer. The Center now has over 7,500 patients per year and has focused on offering women an invaluable resource of doctors for breast cancer awareness, detection, treatment, and research. Through the years, the Center has become a leader in the field, providing a model for breast centers around the nation. The Center is unique in its ability to combine the knowledge, expertise, and technology of the finest academic institutions with the warmth, attention to personal care, and comfortable surroundings of a familiar, community-oriented health center.